Mission and Vision

Our Vision
As the philanthropic arm of ASHP, our vision is that: Patient outcomes improve because of the leadership and clinical skills of pharmacists, as vital members of the healthcare team, accountable for safe and effective medication use. For more information, see our quick facts infographic.

Our Mission
The mission of the ASHP Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of patients through appropriate, safe and effective medication use. Learn more about how the Foundation moves pharmacy forward.

We will accomplish this by:
• Sponsoring high-impact practice research leading to advances in patient outcomes.
• Educating and developing pharmacists and pharmacy staff as leaders and clinicians.
• Providing funding and programs that optimize the medication-use system and advance the direct and accountable patient care role of pharmacists.
• Encouraging innovation and adoption of best practices and new patient safety and quality initiatives.
• Providing recognition and support to diffuse best practices in research, education and practice.
• Establishing partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances to inform our mission and advance common goals.

Our Strategic Priorities
1. Facilitate and strongly support the pharmacy profession in advancing and creating demand for pharmacy practice models that foster pharmacists' leadership and accountability for patient and population outcomes.
2. Drive the advancement of the technical, human and leadership competencies of pharmacists and pharmacy staff in complex and rapidly changing organizations.
3. Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the Foundation.