Joseph A. Oddis Endowment

The Joseph A. Oddis Endowment was established in 1996 to honor Joseph A. Oddis, Sc.D., who served as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of ASHP for 37 years. Dr. Oddis was also one of the founders of the ASHP Foundation. Retired on December 31, 1997, he is widely admired for building a strong, well-managed association that engages in publishing, continuing education, advocacy, and other activities that support ASHP members, the profession, and the public at large.

A man of many achievements, Dr. Oddis has provided vital leadership and made invaluable contributions to the profession. Among these contributions are the development of progressive practice standards, expansion of postgraduate residency training programs for pharmacists, building support for the formulary system, advocating the Pharm.D. as the single entry-level degree for pharmacists, advocating expanded roles for pharmacy practitioners and managers, and broadening the training and use of pharmacy technicians.

The Oddis Endowment provides a permanent funding source to support the important work of the Foundation he helped to create. The Endowment, like Dr. Oddis, will have a lasting impact on the profession of pharmacy and is helping to ensure that the ASHP Foundation continues to be a vital force in addressing important public health issues related to the use of medications. Make a donation to the Oddis Endowment now.

Joseph A. Oddis Endowment Contributors

Named Funds (Gifts of $25,000 or more)
Abbott Laboratories, Inc. Fund
Agvar Chemicals, Inc. Fund
David D. and Marita Almquist Fund
AmerisourceBergen Fund
Amgen, Inc. Fund
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Fund
Baxter Healthcare Corporation Fund
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Fund
Cardinal Health, Inc. Fund
Eli Lilly and Company Fund
Dr. Gloria N. Francke Fund
Genentech, Inc. Fund
GlaxoSmithKline Fund
The Hoffman-La Roche Foundation Fund
Kapoor Charitable Foundation Fund
McKesson Fund
Merck & Co., Inc. Fund
George L. and Maggie H. Phillips Fund
Marvin Samson Fund
TAP Pharmaceuticals Fund
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Fund

Platinum Circle (Gifts of $500,000 or more)
David D. Almquist

Gold Circle (Gifts of $250,000 to $499,999)
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
K. Don Lindsay Estate

Silver Circle (Gifts of $100,000 to $249,999)
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Eli Lilly & Company
John N. Kapoor
McKesson Corporation
Merck Corp
Roche Foundation
Marvin Samson
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Bronze Circle (Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999)
Bergin Brunswig Drug Company
Cardinal Health, Inc.
Genentech, Inc.

President's Club (Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999)
Agvar Chemicals
Gloria N. Francke
TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

Chairman's Club (Gifts of $15,000 to $24,999)
Bayer Corporation
Centocor, Inc.
Harold Chappelear
Henri R. Manasse, Jr.
James C. McAllister, III
Roxane Laboratories

Directors Club (Gifts of $10,000 to $14,999)
American Foundation for Pharmacy Education
Rebecca S. Finley
Marianne F. Ivey
John G. Kringel
McNeil Consumer Healthcare
Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals
Yamanouchi USA Foundation

Patrons (Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999)
AL Pharma
Baxa Corporation
Sharon M. Enright
Immunex Corporation
John E. Murphy
Mark A. Pulido
Mary Jo Reilly
Thomas Russillo
Sanofi Pasteur
Thomas S. Thielke
William A. and Charlene Zellmer

Benefactors (Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999)
Alabama Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Stephen J. Allen
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American College of Apothecaries
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
Joan Anderson
Arkansas Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Association of Black Hospital Pharmacists
Bindley Western Drug Company
Michelle Bonnarens
Bruce Canaday
Susan A. Cantrell
Herbert S. Carlin
Patricia Chase
Thomas H. Chetrick
Toby Clark
Cor Therapeutics, Inc.
John M. Coster
CTFA, Inc.
Delaware Society of Health-System Pharmacists
David J. Edwards
William M. Ellis, Jr.
Estabrook Capital Management
Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Phillip A. Fong
Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.
GE Healthcare
Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Hawaii Society of Health-System Pharmacists
David W. and Jane S. Henry
Eric T. Herfindal
Norman M. Hochman
Howard University
Iowa Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Illinois Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Indiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Robert C. Johnson
Kansas Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Charles M. King, Jr.
D. Lance King
Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Herman L. Lazarus
Lawrence H. Leong
K. Don Lindsay
Massachusetts Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Maginnis/Seabury & Smith
Maine Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Ernest Mario
Marsh Affinity Group Services
Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Teresa A. Miller
Marsha K. Millonig
Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Charles E. Myers
Nebraska Society of Health-System Pharmacists
New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists
North Carolina Association of Pharmacists
North Dakota Society of Health-System Pharmacists
New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists
Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists
David J. Osterberger
Peter M. Pascale
Pennsylvania Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
Pharmacy Technicians Certification Board
Paul G. Pierpaoli
Pamela A. Ploetz
Cynthia L. Raehl
Max D. Ray
Mary Jo Reilly
Philip J. Schneider
Jill A. Sellers
Milton W. Skolaut
Donna L. Soflin
South Carolina Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Ronald J. Souza
C. Richard Talley
Thomas Temple
Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation
Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists
William W. Tester
Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists
John T. Tighe, III
Dwight R. Tousignaut
Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Hannah Vanderpool
Vermont Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Washington Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Jon N. Wallner
Julie L. Webb
Sara J. White
Robert B. Williams
William A. and Charlene B. Zellmer

Stewards (Gifts of $500 to $999)

American Organization of Nurse Executives
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Eric R. Anderson
Gregory Baldwin
Bona E. Benjamin
Berlex Laboratories, Inc.
Josephine Bonasso-Lazarou
Joseph K. Bonnarens
Helen C. Cammarata
Barry L. Carter
Colorado Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Lawrence J. Cohen
Connecticut Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Marla Davis
Donald Dewey
Martha P. Fankhauser
Generic Pharmaceutical Association
Marcia B. Gutfeld
Kentucky Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Masayuki Kimura
David Lorms
Ana M. Martins-Cavanaugh
Warren E. McConnell
Scott A. Meyers
Jocelyn Milford
Lois M. Nash
Nevada Society of Health-System Pharmacists
New Hampshire Society of Health-System Pharmacists
New Mexico Society of Health-System Pharmacists
William J. Nicklaw
North Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Joseph A. Oddis
Phillip Morris Co
Ann M. Rule
Bruce E. Scott
Sam K. Shimomura
Larry K. Shoup
Jerry Siegel
Janet A. Silvester
William E. Smith
South Central Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Southeast Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
St. Joseph's Medical Center
Marilyn Sullivan
Theodore T. Taniguchi
Jon J. Tanja
Jane S. Tennis
R. Pete Vanderveen
Roy Y. Williamson
Andrew L. Wilson
David R. Witmer
Susan E. Zetzl
David A. Zilz

Supporters (Gifts up to $499)
Steven R. Abel
Judi Aboud
Paul W. Abramowitz
Vicky Aceto
Stephen J. Allen
Kevin L. Almond
David and Marita Almquist
Domini Alteri
American Hospital Association
Robert David Anderson
David M. Angaran
Calvin J. Anthony
Atsushi Aoki
Cynthia A. Appleseth
George F. Archambault
Arizona Society of Health-System Pharmacists
John A. Armitstead
Daniel M. Ashby
ASHP A Dose of Toast Toastmaster Group
Terry Lee Audley
Kenneth E. Avis
Rosemary A. Bacovsky
Danial E. Baker
Jeffrey N. Baldwin
Barbara Balik
Kenneth N. Barker
David S. Bateshansky
R. Paul Baumgartner
David B. Beasley
Joseph H. Beckerman
Robert W. Beightol
Alex Berman
Mary Berrigan
Richard J. Bertin
Donald F. Beste
Caryn M. Bing
Georgia Birdsall
Karen Blacher
Brenda Blandford
Laura Block
Hilary Bloom
Robert C. Bogash
Mary L. Bowles
Eric G. Boyce
Robert W. Boyce
Susan Teil Boyer
Carla J. Brink and Paul Ranelli
Sharon A. Bronson
Ingrid I. Bruno
Katharine C. Buckner
Amy S. Buesing
Daniel E. Buffington
Harold Joseph Byrd
Doris A. Calhoun
Karim A. Calis
Norman A. Campbell
William H. Campbell
Steven B Cano
Lamar Cardenas
Jannet M. Carmichael
Martha A. Cato
Central Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Leslie Chemtob
Margaret M. Chrymko
Michael Chrzanowski
John E. Clark
Michael R. Cohen
Frederick E. Coleman, III
Susanne Coleman
Kevin J. Colgan
David R.B. Collins
Charles B. Cooper
James W. Cooper, Jr.
Melissa M. Corrigan
Linda Cortese Annecchini
Carey C. Cotterell
Stephanie Y. Crawford
Crazy Daizies Committee
M. Lynn Crismon
Chapman Cronquist
Julie Lynn Cunningham
Julie A. D'Ambrosio
Alan Davidson
Neil M. Davis
Donald J. Defazio
Joseph H. Deffenbaugh, Jr.
Sister Mary Louise Degenhart
Betty H. Dennis
Paul Dennis and Jean L. Wittmer
Nelson Der
Henry J. Derewicz
Debra S. Devereaux
Benjamin I. Dickinson
Michael Dodd
Arthur W. Dodds
Andrew J. Donnelly
Edward B. Donnelly
May Douglas
Winston J. Durant
Kay Van Duzer
Steven H. Dzierba
Fred M. Eckel
Rosslyn Edwards
Shelly Elliott
Victoria E. Elliott
Sharon M. Enright
Carsten Evans
Gregory U. Evans
Delise Falls
Jerry Joseph Farlee
Robert Feinberg
David Felzenberg
Robert M. Fink
Herbert L. Flack
Michael A. Fotis
Thomas J. Fowler
Kimberly France
Germania Fraser
Louis Joseph Frescura
Michelle A. Fritsch
William L. Fritz
Carla B. Frye
David W. Fuhs
Jeanne E Fuhs
Yvonne M. Gaffney
David E. Gangeness
John and Eileen Gans
Ronilue Garrison
Monica C General
Lisa M. Gersema
Kristie M. Gholson
Kathryn M. Giebutowski
Ric M. Giese
Marsha Gilbreath
Genevieve Gilroy
Diane B. Ginsburg
Leo F. Godley
Paul J. Godley
Harold N. Godwin
Barry R. Goldspiel
Dick Gourley
Gregory C. Gousse
William A. Gouveia
John D. Grabenstein
Bonnie S. Grabowski
Julian L. Graubart
David R. Gray
Sudip K. Guharoy
Richard A. Haight
Jerome A. Halperin
Barbara Hammonds
Joan J. Hanan
Lisa M. Hanlon Wilhelm
Ken Harding
JoAnn Stacy Harris
Guy R. Hasegawa
Bruce Hawkins
Mark Hayes
Maureen Heenan
Trent S. Heisser
Tadd Hellwig
David W. and Jane S. Henry
Johnna Hershey
Woody Hillberg
Dennis M. Hoffman
James Hoffman
Ralph E. Holbrook
Jack L. Holleman
William H. Hotaling, III
Bruce L. Hotchkiss
Janice L. Hoyt
D.C. Huffman Jr
Brenda J. Hull
Mick Hunt, Jr.
Clifford E. Hynniman
Mary E. S Indritz
Ikuko Ito
Marcia S. Jacinto
Patty Jaeger
Leslie D. Jaggers
Sue M. Janda
Paul and Brenda Jarvis
Louis P. Jeffrey
Brian Jemming
June F. Johnson
Thomas James Johnson
Christene Jolowsky
America Melero Jones
Cathlene S. Jones
David H. Jones
Edward H. Jones
Susan Elaine Jones
Cheryl D Kaiser
Mark J. Kana
Seymour Katz
Ronald H. Kauffman
Nancy Kelih
Stephen R. Kepple
Gary F. Kilsdonk
Jennifer Jeane Kim
Masayuki Kimura
Charles M. and Ann King Jr.
Donald T. Kishi
Catherine N. Klein
Kurt Kleinmann
Jean A. Klinge
David A. Knapp
Katherine K. Knapp
Janice M. Knight-Cooper
Karen E. Koch
Don and Cathy Kormann
Harold J. Kornfuhrer
Anna C. Kowblansky
Philip G. Kuehl
Col. and Mrs. G.R. Kunde
Nancy Tarleton Landis
Ashley Lane
Robert L. Lantos
Roger J. Lapp
Jackie Largent
Chester Y. Lau
Harland E. Lee
Linda Leishear
Sue-Fong Leong
Penny W. Lepinski
Donald E. Letendre
Lisa F. Lifshin
Con Ann Ling
Melvin E. Liter
Jeffrey D. Little
Katalina Litvak
Anita Lonesome
Kenneth P. Lusher
Carl D. Lyons
Wende B. Mack
Ray R. Maddox
Barry and Alice Madia
Shane B. Madsen
Paul Magalian
Ashley L. Mains
Louise N. Maitland
Carol Colvin Manifold
Henry J. Mann
John Manzo
Maria Ines Marin
Susan E. Martin
Barbara J. Mason
Donald E. McDonald
John A. McGowan, Jr.
William McGuire
Michael J. McQuone
Robert A. Mead
Robert W. Mecaughey
Michael J. Melby
Scott Melton
Brian M. Meyer
Tricia Meyer
Donald R. Miller
Elizabeth J. Miller
Richard Miller
Marsha K. Millonig
George W. Mills
Minnesota Pharmacists Assoc
Montana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Mark and Sally Montrey
Timothy R Moody
David B. Moore
Steven R. Moore
Stuart N. Morris
Ronald E. Mortus
Stacey Ann Moultrie
Charles E. Myers
Milap C. Nahata
Lois M. Nash
Bruce A. Nelson
Julie A. Nelson
Michelle Noble
Don B. Nolan
Jayrill L. Nutt
Thomas E. O'Brien
Mary Beth O'Connell
Colleen H. O'Malley
Sandra Oh Clarke
Robert T. Ordner
Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Renee E. Ortmann
Robert J. Osterhaus
Jennifer M. Ott-Rhodes
Butch Parks
Roland A. Patry
Joseph A. Pauli
Cynthia M. Pearlman
Myrna J. Petersen and Keith Konajeski
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
Marjorie Shaw Phillips
Paul and Arlene Pierpaoli
Pamela A. Ploetz
Therese I. Poirier
Leslie E. Prahl
Peggy Prokop
Jane M. Pruemer
Elizabeth S. Purcell
Robert L. Ravin
Marion Eugene Rector
Carla Reimche
Rhode Island Society of Health-System Pharmacists
David N. Robarge
Jane L. Rogan
Judith P. Ronshagen
Richard E. Rumrill
Wayne L. Russell
Charles O. Rutledge
Alexandra S Ryan
Nasrine Sabi
Rafael Saenz
Waneta L. Sage-Gagne
Maureen Salamat
John P. Santell
Douglas J. Scheckelhoff
Brian D. Schilling
Neil J. Schmidt
Philip J. Schneider
Jean M. Scholtz
Naomi M. Schultheis
Kathryn R. Schultz
Neal W. Schwartau
Cynthia A. Scott
Bruce E. Scott
Bonnie L. Senst
Martha Serig
Michaelene W. Setlow
Karen M. Sgueo
Rita R. Shane
Stanley M. Shaw
Steven L. Sheaffer
Meenakshi Shelat
Robert Shell
Thomas P. Sherrin
Andrea J. Shultz
Thomas R. Sinwell
Debra C. Sisson
David J. Slatkin
Ronald H. Small
Gary H. Smith
Joe E. Smith
Marie A. Smith
Stephen T. Smith
Elaine K. Snow
Robert E. Snyder
Kethen W. So
Steve P. Soman
Glenn Sonnedecker
St. Josephs Hospital
Richard L. Stambaugh
John T. Stanich
Craig S. Stern
James G. Stevenson
Susan H. Strain
Jesse Brian Sullivan
Laura Sullivan
Deborah D. Swartwood Ash
C. Richard Talley
Janet L. Teeters
Erika Lutz Thomas
Robert and Patricia Thomas
Deborah B. Thorn
Jeannette Sickafoose Thouvenin
Paula Tiedemann
Melisa P. Tong
Lois Trench-Hines
Lawrence A. Trissel
Robbie G. Trussell
Ifeoma C. Umeh
Allen J. Vaida
Lisa K. Vayda
Kristin Villa
Teresa Villanueva
Bruce E. Vinson
Wallace B. Wadd
Patsy S. Walker
Earl S. Ward, Jr.
John W. Webb
Julie L. and C. Edwin Webb
Kim Weber
Mary P. Weber
Elvira Weiss
Barbara G. Wells
Olin H. Welsh Jr
Linda D. Wieland
Sara J. White
Rebecca Wilfinger
Dennis M. Williams
Lewis E. Williams
Margery Wiltamuth
Prati Wojtal
Karol Wollenburg
Billy W. Woodward
John L. Woon
Elizabeth A. Wright
William R. Wuller
Fred and Brenda Wynn
Wyoming Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Tracy J. Yaklyvich
Margaret C. Yarborough
Lorna Zammett
Amy L. Zannikos
Fern Zappala
Karin E. Zenk