Match for Med Safety Campaign 2017

Thank you for giving to the 2017 Match for Med Safety Campaign!

We will have a final campaign amount to share with you soon, but right now we want to say thank you for helping to improve medication safety in our national healthcare system! Your gifts, along with the contribution of our three generous sponsors Omnicell, Novo Nordisk and Fresenius Kabi are going to make a positive difference for patients throughout the United States.

What Does Matching for Med Safety Mean?
Your gift to the Match for Med Safety Campaign will:
  • fund practice-based research aimed at improving medication safety.
  • offer leadership programs that train pharmacists to become influential members of multidisciplinary patient care teams and champions of medication safety.
  • shine a spotlight on inspiring examples of innovations in medication safety, published research and residency training through our awards programs.
Check out this infographic to see how your gifts lead to improved medication safety.

Pharmacists Support Matching for Med Safety
Your colleagues support the Match for Med Safety Campaign and the Foundation's work in medication safety! Watch these videos to find out why:
Thanks for Being Social-able!
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