Why Support the Foundation

Jamie S. Sinclair, M.S., R.Ph., FASHP
Director, Pharmacy Services, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Jamie Sinclair is Director, Pharmacy Services, for Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. She is responsible for leading pharmacy services innovation and quality across the care continuum from acute care to post-acute care and working to establish services to enhance population health. Current areas of responsibility include the oversight of the inpatient, employee and oncology pharmacies, and hospice care and medication therapy management anticoagulation pharmacy services. Jamie has held health-system pharmacy leadership positions for almost 20 years in community-based and large hospitals. She currently serves on the ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership Steering Committee and has served on ASHP Foundation fundraising committees.
“I became involved with giving to the ASHP Foundation when I was a resident. I started supporting the Foundation, because my residency program director (RPD) explained to me how the Foundation benefits pharmacy practice. My RPD also discussed the obligations and privileges that come with being a professional. I support the ASHP Foundation, because I was asked to participate in supporting their mission and because I feel privileged to be in a position to give back to the profession that has served me very well. I believe the work the Foundation does to improve the health and well-being of our patients and the leadership development of pharmacists is critical to the profession.
“One way I use the Foundation is to recognize others’ achievements. I have donated in honor of graduating students and residents and in honor of peers who have achieved significant milestones in their careers.
“It provides me a great deal of satisfaction to know I contribute in a meaningful way to our profession. I know that my donations support programs that benefit many practitioners and patients. I strongly encourage all ASHP members--from students to retired pharmacists-- to contribute what they can to sustain the wonderful work of the ASHP Foundation.”
Mary E. Burkhardt, M.S., R.Ph., FASHP, FSMSO
Chief, Pharmacy Service
VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System
Ann Arbor, MI 
Mary Burkhardt is the chief of pharmacy service at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System in Michigan, a flagship tertiary care referral hospital in the Department of Veterans Affairs. The health system serves 65,000 unique patients in 3 states and performs 3,000 clinic visits per day. She is currently managing the renovation and reorganization of the entire pharmacy function and performance of 120 staff members located in Michigan and Ohio as well as overseeing budgeting, human resources and clinical program development. 

“I regularly support the ASHP Foundation for many reasons. First, I consider ASHP the organization that has guided my professional growth over the decades, beginning with my participation in an ASHP-accredited residency and continuing throughout my career with various ASHP member offerings. Indeed, I credit the many wonderful conferences and advocacy efforts with helping me keep enthused and energetic about my profession and its countless accomplishments. Many improvements have emanated from Foundation work.

"Secondly, early on in my career, I was fortunate enough to send a new clinical specialist to an ASHP Foundation Anticoagulation Traineeship. Through that, we began a comprehensive anticoagulation service in 1990--long before most other health systems. We subsequently participated in the development of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Self-Assessment of Antithrombotic Therapy, which we know from ISMP was the genesis for the Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals for anticoagulation safety. While visiting Saudi Arabia with ISMP, I saw those goals and the assessment tool in use there. I realized then that the traineeship, and ultimately the ASHP Foundation, had helped to facilitate the work of many others to go out and make similar changes around the world.  

“On a personal note, I donate to the Foundation in honor of my mother, who met her demise as a result of a medication misadventure. The Foundation has worked tirelessly to improve medication-use appropriateness, but ever more is needed. Just today, another of our clinical specialists is applying for the Pain and Palliative Care Traineeship, and so the cycle of giving and learning repeats.  

“Finally, I now look toward estate planning for myself to help the ASHP Foundation and subsequent generations to continue this most fundamental mission of pharmacy practice.” 

Joseph M. Sceppa, R.Ph., M.S., M.B.A.
Director of Pharmacy (Retired)
Children's Hospital
Boston, MA

Joseph Sceppa is a seasoned pharmacy professional with more than 40 years of pharmacy managerial experience in acute care hospitals and public health. Prior to becoming an independent pharmacy consultant, Mr. Sceppa was Director of Pharmacy at Children’s Hospital in Boston, managed numerous hospital pharmacies for Cardinal Health, and has held academic appointments at both Northeastern University College of Pharmacy and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  He is a Massachusetts Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) Fellow; a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group; and the 1979  MSHP Hospital Pharmacist of the Year.

“I have been involved in the practice of hospital pharmacy since 1967, just a year before the ASHP Foundation was established. My belief in the mission of the Foundation has been supported with annual donations since 1996.

“As the Foundation has expanded, I have felt a part of that expansion. Specifically, I value their programs that encourage innovation and the adoption of best practices (e.g., PPMI), research and those that support the education and training of pharmacists to health-system leadership positions (e.g., the Leadership Resource Center). 

“I suspect visitors to the Foundation’s website will be amazed at all of the cutting-edge support programs that are available.

“So many of us have had such satisfying professions thanks to ASHP’s and the ASHP Foundation’s support. I encourage you to consider helping to further their mission.” 

Douglas Smith, Pharm.D.
Senior Director, Supply Chain Services
University Healthsystem Consortium
Chicago, IL

Douglas Smith is responsible for knowledge management, idea generation and information dissemination to the Pharmacy Council members. He coordinates the projects of the Council, promoting utilization of UHC products and services, providing support to the UHC representatives on the Novation Advisory Councils, and acting as a resource for Novation staff. He has more than 20 years' hospital pharmacy management experience, including 16 years as director of pharmacy. As a long-standing ASHP Foundation donor, Doug has a unique approach to supporting the ASHP Foundation: He set up a monthly credit card contribution and has done so for the past 5 years.

“I’ve seen the ASHP Foundation expanding its program offerings that support the profession in leadership development, practice advancement, award recognition for excellence and important practice tools,” said Doug. “I want to support these efforts and the easiest way for me to do that is by giving on a monthly basis. It’s easy to do and has enabled me to increase my financial support of the ASHP Foundation each year. I would definitely encourage other donors to do the same thing!”

Prati Wojtal, M.S., R.Ph., FASHP
Director, Ambulatory Pharmacy Services
Aurora Health Care
Milwaukee, WI

Prati Wojtal, M.S., R.Ph., FASHP, is the director of Ambulatory Pharmacy Services for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, WI, where her current responsibilities include developing a system-wide discharge prescription program, specialty pharmacy services, and the pharmacist’s role in population health management. Ms. Wojtal has been a preceptor for numerous pharmacy students and trained PGY1 and PGY2 Practice Management residents during her professional career. In 2001, she and her colleagues initiated one of the first ASHP-accredited PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency Programs. She was recently recognized as a Fellow of ASHP.
“I donate to the ASHP Foundation annually for the following reasons:
  • ASHP had a significant influence early in my career when I was a student and during a 2-year residency training program in 1989. During that time I had the benefit of being mentored by great leaders in Minnesota. I have a strong desire to give back to the organization that helped during my early professional development, and I see the ASHP Foundation’s work as vital to our profession.
  • I appreciate ASHP’s high standards of pharmacy practice and patient care that have served as a foundation for my career. I especially look forward to continuing the work initiated by the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative and recent Ambulatory Care Summit Recommendations, in which the ASHP Foundation played a key leadership role.
  • Through ASHP, I have had multiple leadership and presentation opportunities. These experiences gave me a chance to refine my skills as well as develop friendships with colleagues across the country. I hope that my donations allow other young leaders similar opportunities through the leadership programs, awards and grants offered by the ASHP Foundation.”