Advanced Pain Management Traineeship

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Application deadline: October 19, 2018

Optimal management of chronic pain is a critical issue in healthcare. In this five-month, ACPE-accredited educational experience, pharmacists are trained to develop and maintain comprehensive services for patients in pain and those with palliative care needs. Trainees will receive intensive distance and experiential training that prepares them to lead the way to effective and safe pain management.

The traineeship consists of three components: 
  • Distance Education – ASHP Pain Management Certificate Program plus case-based discussions 
  • 5-day Experiential Program 
  • Post-Training Requirements, demonstrating advancement and impact 
Program Timeline for the 2018-2019 Offering
• Applications available –July 2, 2018 
• Application and Scholarship Deadline – October 19, 2018 
• Participants announced – November 2018 
• Distance education – December 2018 – March 2019 
• Experiential training – April/May 2019 
Post training requirements – Fall 2019 

Tuition Information
The tuition for the Pain Management and Palliative Care Traineeship program is $3,750. Applicants who are accepted into the program can elect to pay their registration fee payment in full or participate in a payment plan.

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